Feel free to browse through the Gallery where you will find my online Portfolio! There you will see samples of my work in the form of sketchbook illustrations, plein air paintings and urban sketches, as well as individual stand-alone pieces. I also work with mediums other than watercolors so you might see a few examples of that as well, such as the image above done in graphite and ink.

I create most of my art and illustrations in sketchbooks due to their ease of use and portability they provide while traveling. Within them I can keep my work organized and together in one place, especially when I am doing my "on location" sketches in the form of Urban Sketches and Plein Air Paintings. Both of which by their nature alone require me to carry a very minimal amount of art supplies. My back is ever grateful!

Time is also significantly limited when creating art on location. I tend to have just one to two hours to create a sketch, depending on the complexity of the scene before me and the natural elements I am faced with at the time, such as weather and changes in light. Consequently, I also find it really interesting how my art style adjusts and shifts, sometimes even becoming something completely different, while creating on the spot!

In my studio I also enjoy working in sketchbooks since they are a place free of pressure and judgement where I can experiment, sketch out ideas for future projects, as well as continue to hone my craft. In the studio is where I have the freedom to work on more elaborate pieces that require more time and concentration.

You will see a big difference between my on location works and my studio works since the former are created in a very fast, no-time-to-second-guess myself manner, and the latter are created at a more comfortable pace in a controlled indoor environment.

"Vintage Mushroom" - Charcoal Sketch by Diana Vogt
"Vintage Mushroom" - Charcoal Sketch by Diana Vogt

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