How I Draw Flowers

In this video I show every detail of how I draw some wildflowers, without using a pencil and going straight in with ink. Then I apply a simple watercolor wash.

Artist Diana Vogt

4/23/20231 min read

Wild Globeflowers - Botanical Sketch by artist Diana Vogt
Wild Globeflowers - Botanical Sketch by artist Diana Vogt

How I Draw Flowers | Ink & Wash | No Pencil!

In this video I show in complete detail, from start to finish, how I draw some common wildflowers found all along the mountains of Colorado - White Globeflowers. Going straight in with ink, without the use of a pencil, just committing to every mark! Then I show how to apply a simple watercolor wash, and how to apply other easy-to-use tools to help bring these beautiful flowers to life!

Materials used*:

Arteza Watercolor Sketchbook :

TWSBI Eco T Fountain Pen (F nib):

Waterproof Ink:

Paul Rubens Professional Watercolor Paint Set:

Escoda Travel Brushes:

POSCA Paint Marker in Yellow:

POSCA Paint Marker in White:

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