How to Draw a Beautiful Botanical Composition

A step-by-step video, with commentary from the artist throughout, showing you how to create a beautiful botanical illustration.

Artist Diana Vogt

9/23/20231 min read

Saffron Crocus Botanical Illustration by artist Diana Vogt
Saffron Crocus Botanical Illustration by artist Diana Vogt

How to Draw a Beautiful Botanical Illustration | Ink & Wash Tutorial

In this video I explain step by step, with my own commentary, how you can create an aesthetically pleasing botanical illustration of Saffron Crocuses using only ink. I then show you how to bring these flowers to life with the use of watercolor washes. Lastly, I go into detail on how to add lettering to the composition to give it that finishing touch. The emphasis in this video lies in the placement of the flowers and the details one should include in order to create what can be considered to be a "complete" composition. I also delve into the importance of including lights and shadows in the correct places in order to give depth and volume to the composition.

Materials used*:

The sketchbook I use is no longer available at the time of the filming of this video. Here is a link for an alternative (same brand and paper):

ARTEZA Watercolor Sketchbook:

TWSBI Eco T Fountain Pen (F nib):

Waterproof Ink:

Paul Rubens Professional Watercolor Paint Set:

Prima Watercolor Confections - Tropicals:

QoR High Chroma Watercolors:

Escoda Travel Brushes:

Winsor & Newton Cotman Short Handle Brushes:

POSCA Paint Marker in Yellow:

POSCA Paint Marker in White:

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