How to Paint a Rural Landscape

A speedpaint video showing how to paint a nice rural landscape!

Artist Diana Vogt

7/12/20231 min read

How to Paint a Rural Landscape | Historic Red Barn | Allis Ranch Colorado

This is a sped up video, like all my other videos, where I show how I paint a very scenic rural landscape containing an architectural focal point. The technical focus here is on simplification, the importance of perspective, and letting the paint do the work. The key to having a nice painting at the end is to first make sure your pencil sketch is correct because no amount of paint will ever beautify a painting if the pencil sketch isn't good first, which is where perspective and proportion come into play. I myself prefer to use minimal pencil lines and add any necessary elements with the paints and brushes themselves. It's a quicker process, and, to me, a more enjoyable one.

Big Red Barn at Allis Ranch - Watercolor Sketch by artist Diana Vogt
Big Red Barn at Allis Ranch - Watercolor Sketch by artist Diana Vogt

Materials used*:

Canson XL Series Watercolor Textured Paper:

TWSBI Eco T Fountain Pen (F nib):

LAMY Safari Fountain Pen (F nib):

Waterproof Ink:

I use a curated selection of White Nights and Winsor & Newton (Cotman + Professional) watercolors. Here is a link for a great starter set from Winsor & Newton Cotman:

Escoda Travel Brushes:

POSCA Paint Marker in White:

Washi Tape:

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